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book on house makes your household manageable, by letting you easily collect and find everything that matters.
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Take your household online

Take control of the household and have all the information available everywhere.
Agreements, receipts, maintenance, finance and much more collected into one easy overview.

Available from your desktop, tablet and mobile.

From the drawer to iPad, from binder to display!

Fireproof documentation

Everything from appointments to the color code on the wall, warranties and receipts in your households are safely stored with us.

Accessible everywhere

The mobile-friendly solution allows you to have access to all information about your household everywhere, wherever you carry your phone.

Stay up-to-date

Easy access to all your appointments and upcoming maintenance work on the calendar. Receive alerts via email or SMS when these approaches.

Mobile view of book on house

Document changes

Get full control by easily documenting your renovation projects.

Manage your expenditures

Get a detailed overview of running agreements, receipts and other expenses.

Vehicle register

All information and service history in one place, right in your pocket.

Book on house displayed on a mac screen.

Why Us?

In the book on house portal you can not only store all information about your house, but also appartments, boathouses, cabins, boats, cars, agreements, maintenance tasks and more. Share information with the whole family and get reminders when something is approaching.

  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • Everything is perfectly orgainized for the future
  • Store all kinds of information in one place
  • Features added by user demand

Discover the possibilities

Some of the features you can get by signing up today.

Tasks- and maintenance register

The tasks and maintenance register easily gives you an overview of the necessary things you have to do.


Get an simple overview of all your current running agreements, such as electricity, internet, daycare expenses, etc. Book on house will help you visualize how the costs are distributed.


Log unpredicted events with pictures and descriptions of what was rectified. Valuable considering a claim.


Keep track of all your inventory in case of an unexpected event. That way you can document all your belongings.

Contact register

Collect all your important contacts a space, then they are easily accessible when you need them!


Collect all your receipts in one place. You can easily take a picture of the receipt on the go and upload it. Useful in relation to warranty issues and complaints.


Keep track of service history, service interval and have the ability to upload receipts and documentation from the workshop stay.


Get an overview of the economy of your renovation projects. Document all changes to documents, pictures, rolling projections for future documentation and regulatory requirements.


Gather all the information about color choices, materials and sizes. Document with pictures and descriptions.


Below is some screenshots from the web site and the surroundings. With easy-of-use in mind, everybody can start using this portal and gather the important information in one location. This information can be shared with the household members and other people in the familiy.

Affordable Packages

Choose the plan that best suits your needs, included in all is safe storage and accessibility everywhere. Each subscription includes all services but they vary in storage and functionality. You can easily upgrade your subscription at your convenience.


NOK 0 /Year


NOK 299 /Year

  • 5 Gb Storage
  • Email Reminders
  • Share With Your Familiy
  • In-document Search *
  • Get started today


NOK 399 /Year

  • 50 Gb Storage
  • Email Reminders
  • SMS Reminders
  • Share With Your Familiy
  • In-document Search *
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